About Linux:

22/11/01: Have been working on it the last days... Mandrake a standard distribution worked without any problem. The only problem I had was that my CD burner stopped working so I had to find a round about way of installing. The other much more customisable and fully non commercial distribution is Debian. I am still trying to get everything to work but once it is working I'll have a system which is tuned to my computer and very easy to maintain.

30/05/02: Well half year later and still using predominantly Windows. I do know that all bit's and pieces are available but I'll need some time to put it all together. In the mean time I will need a working system so it looks like things will take time. A new, very flexible and up to date distribution is out. It's called Gentoo, it installs from scratch and optimises each and every program for your particular computer. This makes it very speedy but initially it takes much more time to install...

10/04/03: In the last year I have tried several flavours of Linux and I know that I could be using it... Only I never had enough time to move everything from Windows to Linux... So the end result is that I am still with Windows... One day... I will shift! I must say the main distributions become easier and easier to install and also recognise most if not all the hardware. Especially on a desktop installing and getting things to work is as easy as with windows. On a notebook there can be some obstacles but they are minor. If I would stick with a basic destibution all would have been fine by now but... I wanted the most optimised, flexible & fast one... Than I ran out of time. Only while in Singapore I have access to the fast internet connection needed to download the nessecary files and not to forget the brains of Dada Rasatmakananda to help me:-) Most other distributions are available on CD and installed from there.

21/02/05: Well looked at it many times, installed it a few times but always got stuck on switching over. Not that it can't be done, or even that it would be too difficult. The main thing is that I am always on the run and I want to have a working system. Migrating all my files and setups takes some time... Hope to get a week somewhere with a second computer at hand. Keep running things on the second one and prepare the first. Once all work say bey bey to windows. In the mean time I am following all the developments.


Oct 2013 Yes finally!! Fully switched to Linux. This time Open SUSE, everything works without customisation. Plug in a mouse, a phone, a camera, a printer, a tablet, external disks, memorie sticks, a second monitor and all works just fine. Myself and Dada Anuvratananda got a small Asus Ultrabook and now happily using linux. Not only the system updates itself automaticaly but also all the installed programs. Very easy.

June 2015: Still using and not looking back to Windows. It took many years to finally make the full switch but it was really not difficult. Installing linux is so much easier than windows (unless windows is preinstalled...) and with the new windows 8 I feel it's also much easier to use. There are still two window programs I am using. Old versions of Quicken and Dream Weaver, neither are Microsof and they run fine under linux using a emulator called Wine. So yes! Again! Finally switched and it feels great :-) And really it does not need to take 15 years, the actual switch over takes only few hours.