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Namaskar and hello again, Here is part two... more photo's less writing:-)

me... Any flower expert can help me out?

Yes it's me, Cape towns Table Mountain in the background. This is a park close to one of the Universities and great for meditation. We went several times.

Posing Lotus or lilly?

An other park with a posing squirrel... I guess s/he figured out that there may just be a nice and tasty reward for for such behaviour:-) What is a better place to do meditation than on top of a lotus...? But, on the bank next to the pond!

Protea An other (it's SA national flower)

This is called "Fynbos" it comes in many flavours and shapes... Last Monday we went to Cape point a must see tourist site as it's the southern most point of Africa (not really actually) and the place where the two big Oceans meet. Below our welcome to the park...

Baboon showing interrest

The baboon on top of the car next to us (we were parked...). I started to tell him/her my life story but stopped...There didn't seem to be the right interrest...

Some of the other news:
Cape town is great. Great climate, people and possibilities to share our path. We already met many good contacts and the people were we stay got initiated, and their friends, and family! This Saturday we'll have the first Dharma Cakra (group meditation) with them. Also few others got initiated and came to DC last Sunday. Yesterday we had talk at the University. About 20 people came and more than half likes to learn meditation, many are also interested to come to follow-up classes when I return here next year. Only sisters came so Didi is very busy now... The lady who organised the talk will try to inspire more brothers for next talk. This is examination time so mainly her co-staff workers could come.

Today we have an other talk with about 20 primary school teachers (a few male this time) and before a program with the children. Tonight meet with Praba' ;who has been margii many years and she takes us to an interfaith meeting on global issues.

More initiations tomorrow, hopefully some brothers too! Just let me be clear I am very happy so many sisters like to learn... it's just that the monks only teach meditation to brothers. We just like to be busy as well:-)

We may have a seminar on Saturday if there is enough interest on such short notice. Planning to go back to Joburg on Sunday unless we can't complete to teach all the people who like to learn.

As I probably wrote earlier, the plan is to start the regional office and Jagrtii here in Cape town. I was very inspired to hear that land and property prices are much less than in other countries I worked. The new members are very inspired to help and told me about the possibility to get vacant land directly from the council. In this way you only need to make a small deposit and than pay monthly instalments after that, no mortgage needed. Construction has to start within 6 months so also here there is time to do things step by step and not get a big burden of mortgage. I did once design a Jagrtii when I was RS for Brisbane many years ago. That time it didn't go beyond paper drawings, this time... well you'll see. It's so much nicer to build something designed for the purpose than to use a family house which is really far from ideal for a Jagrtii/spiritual centre.

Tomorrow the last instalment (for now) with more of Cape Points beauty... or actually I'll send it on Sunday just before we leave here. We have an invitation... which could result in some aerial photo's... Or maybe this would be a separate e-mail...; the so called post-last-for-now-installment:-)

With Love,
Dada Krpasundarananda


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