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No time to write more but I thought I put at least the last photo's from Cape town and our travel back to Johannesburg:

Yoga and meditation at a collage Introduction class with the teachers

Yes, we did a lot more than hiking! Actually most of the time we were in the car to meet people and organise things. It's just that the nature photo's seem more interesting...


Honey Bush rock formations

Honey bush, it smells like the name implies. One of the rock formations on Lions Hill in the middle of Cape town

More from Lions Hill and the magnificent sunset on our way down.


Dada Madhusudana our guide and
photography teacher
Light beam from UFO...

The last photo was taken on our way back to Jo'burg. there were all these shafts of sun light but the one on the left was not behaving as expected... it came in the wrong angle!

Any idea?

Well, we figured it out... it was the reflection of one of the shafts on the lake. We saw it more clear than I could capture on the photo.


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