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From Nepal back to India, from there to Singapore, than back to India for business, back to Singapore... by than my emergency passport was full and to go to New Zealand I needed a new residence permit, so again I needed to get a new emergency passport just to get the New Zealand entry permit! Finally I got back to New Zealand where the ticket and journey had started almost a year before.

The reasons for going back to New Zealand was that again I could get this cheap ticket, apply for my South African work permit (this didn't work out... I am still tourist), get my new passport, and to finish the Rolfing treatment for my back, which I had started while posted there. Unfortunately the person was on a advance course, and I had to wait. Naturally waiting doesn't mean sitting around! Many of the margiis liked me to come and visit! Once I finished applications and some other paper work I could go and visit.

While on the trek in Nepal one day I suddenly remembered Mayatiita and Locana, one margii couple in NZ who were expecting their first child, later I found that indeed this day the child was born! So naturally I liked to visit them. Dada Vaniibodhananda who replaced me in NZ had also plans to visit them as well as Viirabadra, Madhumita and their child Meatrea. Few days later all was arranged and we were on our way.

New life: Divya' (and Locana' and Dada) Proud father... Mayatiita

I didn't get any photo's of the first stop in Katikati but I can tell it's a lovely place:-) The second stop was in Ohope beach, their house almost right on the beach. We reached late, much later than planned... fortunately no one had plans for the next day so we stayed.

Beside the highlight of getting to know Divya, and catching up with all the happenings, we also had time for a walk and the brave ones even a swim. (It was cold!)

A prehistoric beach White island... barely visible

The beach was full of drift wood which from distance just looked like the bones of huge prehistoric animals. Can you see the rib cage above? Just visible was White Island, one active volcano just off the coast. On the photo it's hard to see but trust me:-)


Me and Divya' Thermal craters in Rotarura

So sweet.... She was still really floppy, don't know how else to express, not yet able to hold her own head. All life is special but new life is somehow even more special. She had a water birth, and I am sure that due to it she was very much at peace and always looking happy and content (beside when hungry of course) What more to say... I was really happy to have met again.

On the way back to Auckland we stopped in Rotarua, a very interesting place with lots of thermal activity; boiling mud, steam vents, geysers, hot pools. Just few weeks before there had been a big mud eruption in the park right in the middle of the city. You can see the poor trees which got boiled in the process, and the hospital in the background on the photo above. 

Chinese new year festival in Auckland Aloka' and me...

Back in Auckland there was the Chinese new years celebration whit lots of colourful lights, the big bee above to give some idea. There were many more but the photo's didn't come out so well. After this I went down to Nelson and Dunedin to catch up with the margiis there. Above my good friend Aloka' (pulling my beard!) who lives with her mum Dhyana and sister Jaya in Nelson. I have known them since they (the children) were little and equally naughty... People often ask me if it's not hard not to have family and children, well not that difficult as it seems... I feel close with so many families and the children are like my children.

From Nelson to Christchurch A hop across the Tasman: Gympi, Australia

From Nelson I got a lift with Dhyana to Christchurch where she had a training course. After spending the night at again an other margii place I went to Dunedin. Unfortunately no photo's taken there but it was great to meet again all the margiis and Didi there.

Didi's training centre, Didi and one Japanese sister Didi's favourite: Chillies

Finally when back in Auckland, I got my Rolfing sessions and much improvement with my back. I got lots of exercise to do till I can get some more sessions at a later time. 

From there to back to Singapore to get back to South Africa. Surely there would be some stops on the way... yes, the first one in Australia. Didi Ananda Praveda who visited NZ many times and joined so many programs there, finally got a new land for her sisters LFT training centre. She had invited me so many times but only now I could visit as my flight stopped in Brisbane anyway. The previous land was too far from 'civilisation' to be practical and also not in good condition. The new place is close to the town of Gympie, it has a good amount of land and already many fruit trees were planted. Also vegetables and her favourite... chillies

The Universe

From Gympie I found a shortcut... actually not really shorter but a lot quicker! One UFO offered me a lift... the photo above was taken just before we entered hyperspace.

That's it for now, see you when back in this corner of the Universe:-)

Maybe I even tell some more about how the photo was taken... Any idea??


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