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Early May, now already three months after the events... Have been busy with so many things. 

Well after this UFO picked me up and went through the universe it dropped me in Singapore. Actually this universe photo in last travel log was the reflection of the sun on the wet beach. so there wasn't a real UFO... an other time maybe:-) For a month I tried to do some commerce so I would have funds before going back to South Africa but the only result was that I lost quite a bit and regained most of it... lots of new and interesting experiences though! The last trip which helped me to recover quite a bit brought me to Nairobi, Kenya. A while ago we started a shop selling electronic components, those days there was a huge difference between to cost there and in Singapore, now it's much less but still worth carrying a big bag of chips, IC's etc etc. The best part was that I was able to visit our headquarters for Nairobi Sector (most of Africa) see our projects there and meet the other workers. 

In other sectors all workers get together several times a year for meetings called RDS, and have the opportunity to share meditation, chanting, meals together and catch up with all the latest news. Unfortunately in Africa the distances are too big and the fares too high so we split in West, East and South Africa and never get the chance to all be together. 

Distribution of basic necessities Hospital under construction

So here is the yard of our Sectorial office, filled with people who came to receive aid, a once a week program sponsored by one of our local members to help the local community. The compound also has a children's home and pre school, also a bigger primary school is ran not far away. As you see an hospital is under construction as well.

Fitting orange flowers Akanda kiirtan

The nice thing was that I arrived at the time of East RDS and met most of the Didi's and Dada's working in Kenya and the surrounding countries. There are many schools, childrens homes and other projects going on.

Before and after cleaning the photo

Now this is the actual HQ. I was asked to make some nice photo's but there were all these wires in front... After playing a bit with the picture on the computer it looked much better:-) It's not so dramatic on the size above but on the full size photo the difference is big. Strangely when I showed the photo on the right and asked several people to tell if they saw anything different they looked carefully and said NO! After when I showed the photo on the left they realised the huge difference... You see how our bring just filters all these wires without any effort. I took over an hour to edit it out! So all the other photo's in the logs are unedited and original, just to sort them and reduce them in size is enough work.

Exhibition at the Uni in Jo'burg

After Kenya, finally... back to South Africa. Above photo's of our attendance at a school exhibition in Johannesburg. The sister on the left doing cobra was the one who invited us. Most was about health, beauty, fashion and out to commercialise it. One of the supervisors got actually upset about us being there... It took a bit of effort to convince her that beauty starts within. Beside this there was a good response, the students liked to have a try at the asana and we introduced at least 50 sudents to chanting 'Baba Nam Kevalam' and simple meditation. Many were visible touched, and I have to tell that our little guitar had to compete with the loud dance music used at the fashion show on the same floor.

Wild life in Orange farm Didi's house

Cute mice running around outside our house in Orange farm, a project I already told something about last year. On the left Didi's centre, a very nice place. I think it used to be a club but with the big hall it's very well suited for her yoga programs. She also has meditation for new people and yoga for children. Just before I finally left for Capetown we had a one day seminar early June.

Capetown Exhibition in Cape town

Just two days after I arrived in the place I hope to make my base I got sick:-( I wrote already earlier, the first week was with much fever and terible head ache, the second week still bad but at least a bit better. I always like to be busy and do things but I didn't even touch the computer, that bad! Finally the third weeks the fever and head ache were nearly gone and I could function a bit and help in the house. The weekend we went to the University where there was a exhibition 'art of living' where we had a stall. In the moning there was heavy rain but when we arrived it cleared and a beautiful rainbow appeared. The roof of the hall below, our stall above. Prabha in the middle and Dada Madhusudana on the left. You can see the Jembe drums he makes on the right.

Exhibition hall at the University Shakti our house cat, eats sleeps and with full moon goes mad.

Well that was it, almost... I didn't introduce you to refugee cat, it adopted our house and Prabha named her Shakti. Shakti signifies the creative force of creation, the feminine part and is the counterpart of Shiva which signifies here the consciousness. Both are like two sides of the same piece of paper. Anyhow... that's philosophy:-) So Shakti is her name and sleeping energetically is her speciality...

Playing again with the camera... Part two of guess-what-it-is photo's


Till next edition.


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