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Guess this is early June... We (Dada Madhusudana and me) took a bus from Capetown to Johannesburg where we were picked up by Vinesh. He lives up north in Petersburg and worked at the University of the North. He invited us to to drive a car to the Angolan border to sell it there so we would have some income. It looked easier that was...

Before going there were other programs and he introduced us to many of his friends, all interesting personalities who fought alongside him against the Apartheid system.

Ayers Rock? Vinesh and Caruska

Just inside the compound of the University is this interesting rock. An other day we climbed on top having a beautiful view of the whole university and the surrounding area's.

Mahadeva and me

After few days on margii brother Mahadeva was visiting. He is originally from this area but works now in the UK. He knows Dada Madhusudana since long and liked to spend some time with us and show us this part of SA. You'll see in the next photo's.

Pot holes

Gods window One of the many waterfalls

All kind of interesting plants

More water falls

I think we saw about ten different water falls! One other nice thing is that this area grows many nuts and almost at every parking place bags of Cashew and Macademia were offered at low price. Guess we ate a few more that we should have... Back in Petersburg we spend more time with Vinesh and his family. Few people learned meditation and the whole household is vegetarian now! (Except the dog, Jennifer) After a week our (first) Journey to Angola started. We were going through Botswana and heard about all the wild life crossing the roads... After seeing many cows... finally:

Our first wildlife...

Ok, we actually did see more... but next issue:-)


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