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I realise it will be very hard to catch up with the news letters... 5 to go and the yearly india tour is starting (has actually started) today. That one will keep me very busy till the end of January. The photo's below (and in issue 17, 18 and 19) were arranged earlier but the writing was still missing... 

In this issue I hope the photo's will give some idea of our stay at the Namibian (Angolan) border and travel back to South Africa. We went to Namibia with the idea to sell cars and in this way have some funds to do other work. We heard that as Angola had finally ended the internal war after 35 years many people wanted to buy a car... It was harder than we thought, the cars wanted and the cars we had with us were not the same... Vinesh lend us his cars so we could try, he only wanted his cost price. Though both cars eventually sold (in a next trip) we barely recovered our expences. The main gain was life's experience and lot's of new impressions and friends, what is more important:-) 

Just for the record I think the below was in July and August 2002:-)

Playing with camera... Children with village in the back


Car 4 sale... (our Opel Astra) An other car 4 sale (our Nissan Bakkie)


More family Needed protection at the frontier


Hitch hicking back to South Africa A bit bored on a looooooong stretch of road


Ancient tree Bark


More desert And still more desert, sometimes 100rds of Kilometers without any town or village.


More roads now through the South African desert Finally back in Petersburg, South Africa: Vinesh garden


Caruska using our sleepingbag as punching bag.


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