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10th December, 2002

India tour: Starting in Delhi, and than quick to Rishikesh a complete contrast with the polluted and noisy Capital.

First meal together Kiirtan on the roof, looking over the Ganges

One week of regular collective Kiirtan (chanting) and meditation along the River Ganges, quite days checking the spiritual bookshops and outings. The ashram where we stayed had also many programs going, but we were free to do our own practices. Bhagwati an American sister in charge of the people visiting was most accommodating in all our needs down to sentient food and a big mat so we could do meditation on the rooftop.


Day trip to the top of a nearby hill with a temple on top and view of the Himalayas


Monkeys checking out our lunch Next daytrip... Rafting!


One over board... it's cold!! Really cold! Meditation beside the Ganges


Pavitrii loved the calf... and the calf loved
the flowers... loved eating them!
Arati on the banks of the Ganges

Every evening  we joined the Arati organised by the ashram on the banks of the Ganges, lots of beautiful bajans and chanting . Afterwards we would do meditation.

After a week in this inspiring we moved on to Varanassi, same Ganges but twice as wide and many times more polluted:-( Still it's worth visiting!


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