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It was not only 'others' who made things late... As I wrote I planned to be back in ten days, this became three weeks, some business possibilities came up and with little other source of income I took the chance. Many more un-planned and un-expected delays and I was only back ten days before our international gathering. I calculated that it would still be possible to finish... You rightly may not believe this but I really thought it possible..

laying bags more group photo's

The day after I arrived I went to the site and found everything in good condition except... the concrete mixer was missing. Few days later it was back but the gear which drives the drum was completely worn and couldn't turn it anymore. An other day lost. Finally Dada Cidananda, the in charge of the project (of which my dome is a small part), convinced me to just make the mix by hand. I thought this was hopeless as we need so much but better slow than no progress at all! It worked out that it's almost as fast as the diesel mixer!! Finally we got going again and had three productive days, one day laying over 100m, about 3 1/2 layer on the whole building.

Looking (too) closely at the camera.. One of the many many group photo's

Every day I make photo's of the progress and anything else that looks interesting. It's sometimes hard as everyone gets all excited when the see a camera... They all want to pose collectively and individually. No need to mention that all work stops. It's fun though and everyone is so happy when they can see the small preview with their photo on the back of the camera.


Double hat against the sun. It may look silly but I
learned not to joke with the sun!
Many Didi's also interested. Here we are enjoying
watermelon from the garden.

Several groups of visitors came. The last one a group of Didi's (our nuns) who also like to learn and build at their projects. One Didi in Mongolia has a children's home, the oldest ones are teenagers and creating too much trouble.. (not unusual:-) Now she can't keep them too close but also too far would be trouble. So the idea is to teach them to build domes and they all can have their own quarters, a little away from the home but still on the same land. If all permissions go through I'll go there in July. It will be interesting as the traditional houses there are also round so it may catch on nicely. Temperature wise will also be very different, still up to 30C/88F in Summer but down to -50C/-50F? in winter.

Progress at the time of writing.

Is it not starting to look a dome? I think in 2-3 days our global program is over and work can continue. The plan is to close the dome within ten days! It is really possible, according to my estimate only six more working days are needed.

Floor plan. Beside the big 5m/16tf central room,
two bedrooms, a bathroom and entrance.
Side view, with a human? to scale

Well I'll get back to you in a week or two to show if indeed it got finished... It better be as the Monsoons are also due around that time.


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