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More things beside building domes...

beautiful flowers all over cutting some root (cassava?) for planting

Dada Cidananda is getting all kind of things from all over the world to plant. He loves it and also several of the woman who work there are all exited to learn about the different new plants/ seeds/ fruits that arrive. Cucumber,water melon and corn are already harvested. Probably even more things as I am all absorbed with the dome.

Mass feeding program at the site. Two huge pots
of Kitchery.
And, it got all eaten. About 200 people came.

About once a month all villagers from the area are invited for a delicious (I also eat it!) vegetarian meal. Almost vegetarian.. I saw some little fishes swimming in the water from the well..

Baba's birthday celebration

While in Singapore we had a very inspiring birthday program of our founder and Guru. Many came, blissful chanting, meditation and as compulsory at any birthday party, lots of sweets and delicious food.

Musical college under construction The dam project.

LFT sister Iishiika from the Netherlands is an architect by training, she was also in Ananda Nagar to help build the musical college in the Didi's Master Unit about ten Km away from where I was working. Naturally we managed to visit and see the progress of each others projects. She can tell you it's a hard job to be a woman architect in India.

Dada Viitaragananda is busy building a dam, above the photo taken on the last day. It is almost finished and should be strong enough to survive the Monsoon. He will finish it later in the year, when more funds are collected.

  as a phoenix

On the right you see the old and new water tank, the old one in pieces... few days after it was first filled it just burst as if blown up. The new one is reinforced and should be able to hold the water and stay in one piece.

The place where I stayed, mostly as guest, some
times as patient...
Peacocks on the wall of one of the compounds

So many more nice photos... but no more space.

Till next.


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