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Canada (7 June to 11 July)

I arrived few days early and sister Iishvarii who teaches in a theatre school invited me for a Shakespeare play. The next day Djalal and Shahla picked me up in their fully loaded car. They had just driven up from the US and packed as much as possible for use in the cabin and tools and materials for the dome.

The land where we'd build the dome was on Hornby Island, off Vancouver Island. It takes three ferries to get there! As you'll see in the following photo's it's a very beautiful place. As the days were long we had still time after the work to enjoy the Nature. Some were even brave enough to swim in the cold sea water.

  Leaving Vancouver by Ferry

As I am now accustomed to, things were not quite as ready as planned. As my host also just arrived there had been only little advertising and also the site was not quite up to the level that we could start building. The 10 days we spend leveling the ground, finding the mixer, sand, cement and people to help us build. Not so easy as the people on the island come out of hibernation during the summer and are very very busy. Still somehow we got all the things delivered and prepared and hired some young people who liked to learn at the same time as work.

Above the site, our cabin on the left. In the foreground you see all the reference poles for the dome. On the right our initial team. There were quite a few changes.

Sunsets beautiful and different every evening. Most days I would go out to do my meditation on the beach while the sun was setting.

Nigel & Nishá from Tasmania Red barked trees


First layers,  


Free time on the driftwood filled beaches Cold!!!


Bald eagle less than 10m away  


BBQ on the beach, mostly vegetarian.. Growing and growing.


Well, not as detailed as usual, but what to do.. I'll never catch up otherwise! The good thing is that the Newsletter about Mongolia was done already a while ago and just waiting it's turn.. And so much already happened since. A very blissful retreat in Germany, a short visit in Netherlands, few weeks in Ireland also for a dome project and now already two weeks in Mexico for a retreat and next week an other dome project. Well all about that in the newsletter after Mongolia..



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