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Newsletter 44 from late July to late August:

Mainly photos I am afraid... Before the India tour starts I thought better to catch up otherwise the newsletter won't at all. Well it started with a short visit to the Netherlands followed by a very very blissful retreat in Madhu Karuna, Germany. Both events a nice side effect of the Dome building workshop in Ireland which was the reason for stopping in Europe. With flights for as little as EU1 (plus tax...) there was no excuse not to attend the retreat.

Den Bosch, Netherlands. River under the city. Madhu Karuna, our retreat centres garden


Cultural program Half the participants... very hard to collect everyone!


Marriage ceremony Beautiful cliffs in Ireland.


Preparing the floor mix of straw, clay, sand and horse manure. Didi Ananda Prama levelling the floor


An international group of volunteers having tea break First dome to literally use bags.


The front yard of Didi's Master Unit. The foundation of a Cordwood solar entrance under construction

It's really interesting this was a month that on a personal (internal) level was most challenging, but at the same time I was enjoying long and blissful meditations. I can only say I am very grateful for both parts and especially that they came side by side so I could work through the things without being disturbed spiritually. Most of the time beautiful Kiirtan (chanting) was 'playing' in my mind just like listening to a CD but purely internal. The continuous and vibrated Kiirtan at the retreat had certainly imprinted itself deeply!


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