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After the dome project in Ireland I was finally on my way to my new posting in New York Sector (Central and North America) The first stop was Mexico for a nice retreat and... after showing the dome photo's at the retreat I was invited by the margiis in Morelia to come and teach how to build domes.



Retreat in Allende Master Unit A little climb near Monterrey


An other Dada who loves the outdoors New friends along the way to the dome building site.

As neither I nor they had planned it we only got as far as clearing the site and on the very last afternoon put part of one layer. In any case the inspiration is there and we are planning to prepare for a workshop in March or April 2005.

Lots of beautiful flowers too. These near our MU two hours of Morellia (Mexico)


Clearing the land for the dome and... filling the first bag


Cultural program, still in Mexico Long time friend in Asheville.

From Mexico to Ananda Kanan our Sectorial retreat centre in Willow Springs, Missouri. There we had our quarterly meetings so I had chance to meet most of the monks and nuns also working in NY Sector.

I learned US is a big place... one either needs to drive a lot or spend even more time on the Greyhound bus. Or as many do, fly if there is some affordable offer!

Right now I am in transit to get to India where the yearly Spiritual Adventure tour is starting in few days. Between Ananda Kanan I spend time in NY where I helped in our offices with renovations, I visited my long time friend and his family who had there first child few month before. And... before catching the flight in LA I had chance to again visit Calearth.

Calearth, Ecodome and beautifully finished. inside and out.


The dome we build in New Zealand now 95% finished

Did I say that I was in transit on the way to India? I did... well actaully I am on my way back to US and the India tour is already finished. But more on that in next travellog:-)



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