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Again a quick update with photo's that will bring us from just after the Indiatour to almost the end of July 2005

Beautifully finished dome at the Childrens home in Thailand. Shanti, climbing down at a Spiritual Warrior Camp in Mexico.


The participants of the camp at the dome site in Morelia An other retreat in Cuernavaca, Mexico


Continuing work on the dome in Morelia. We actually removed the first layer and put a new foundation


Visit of a huge temple complex near Mexico City House warming at Viniita who just moved from
Singapore to Mexico for her work.


Testing samples of the mix for the domes. The (new) first layer. That's where it still is...


  Under attack of small creatures, quite fun :-)


Grand Canyon visit as part of the Kundalini Express bus tour around the USA, Canada and Mexico


More Canyon


Meditating, sleeping, eating, and everything else on
the long bus journeys of the Kundalini express

Vasudeva in Concert.

Much more on and about this unique 5 week bus trip is published on it's own website:

Have a look!

After this program we had a wonderful DMS, a big gathering in Ananda Kanan but the next weeks I didn't take photo's... Sorry :-)



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