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Pakistan.. As said I already wrote about it early last year but I still owe you the photo's

Completed structure at one of the training sites Trying a mud plaster as finishing.


Akis, the other Calearth trainer loved the colourful trucks So much damage everywhere


A vaulted structure, using a fiberglass, shelter for traffic police as a mould. Once finished the green box would be removed.
The military was going to use our creation as a garage.


Beautiful intricately hand carved doors for sale.


The other training site were about 10 domes were build, the president was going to come and the whole site was to be landscaped
and made feel like a homely village.


Meetings about reconstruction The tent camps where many were housed. Way to cold for Winter!


More experimental shelters. They should be cheap, quick to build, warm and strong! Not easy combination. The domes do well.


So much destruction, but life goes on and the restaurant was up and running in the building below.


Plaster and more plaster. It had to be perfect for the presidents visit... I think less perfect looks nicer and... is a lot less plaster!


Some more plaster for the entrance... We kept it
'organic' shape. The opening could be square..


Some, I hope, Artistic shots...




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