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Catching up continued....

After Pakistan I got back to the USA just on time for the winter retreat. The winter retreats in Ananda Kanan are always smaller than the summer retreat which for me is much nicer, I don't like too many people around. It's also more family feeling like that. As I sold my camera in Pakistan I had not yet a new one so the first photo's are only from February (we are still in 2006 ). Back in Monterrey I decide to make some cupboards in my room as there was no storage space at all and things tend to get messy if all is just on the floor... Also a visit to the Master Unit in Allende, near Monterrey, not sure if we had a program but I can't stop taking photo's of the turtles that sit on a tree trunk in the water...

Turtles... My full wall cupboard, under construction... Still I have to finish...

After two month, it was back to New York, a nice 6 day drive... about 5000Km. There we had our quarterly meetings with all the Dada's and Didi's in our Sector (North & Central America). One day we had a public meditation program down town Manhattan... It was quite a sight all the orange monks and nuns, arriving in a big orange school bus... My friend Akis, who was with me in Pakistan lives here and also joined the program.

Public meditation program in Manhattan The best team of the camp, my team :-)

After the RDS (meetings) we went to Pennsylvania for a Camp. Being a Monk is not only Spiritual but also the other human qualities need to be balanced. So here we had many physical challenges, a more tight discipline, adventure and... lot's of fun. There was still a lot of snow with made it more special

As you can see games for balance, and many others... May the best team win.


Still one happy family at the end of the Camp Sun rise in the Mountains in Monterrey

From here again the long journey back to Monterrey. One weekend one of the margiis who is active member of a walking club took us with him on one of the walks in the nearby mountains. Beautiful flowers, I guess you also know I like taking photo's of those :-) Around Monterrey Nature had really a wild party, creating steep mountains through an amazing tectonic activity. The photo's give a little idea. If you have GoogleEarth, fly there and have a look, it's really wild! If you know where to look you can find our center as well...

If someone knows the names... let me know...


Monterrey is just behind that Mountain La Huasteca more tectonic extravaganza

Around Easter we always have a retreat where margiis (members) from all over Mexico join. This time we had the retreat in a house of one margii from Mexico City. It was in Galindo, a peaceful town just an hour away from the big city. From Monterrey it's again a 10 hour drive...

Didi Ananda Sujiita in the hollow of a tree hit by lightning Bright colored and happy looking handicrafts

We spend there 4 days with blissful meditations, classes, workshops and outings. Naturally the outings are more interesting for making photo's. Again more flowers, handicraft and the climb of a famous peak.

More flowers


  Compulsory group photo at the end of the retreat.

Back to Monterrey and beside the normal daily activities we had to prepare for the "Kundalini Express" A bus tour around Mexico in the bus you already saw in the photo's above. It was to be a tour of service, music, prachar and also outings for a group of younger margiis from the US, Mexico and beyond. Anyhow, a lot more on that next News Letter... But one of the things we wanted to do was an overnight trip to the desert so to make sure it was suitable we went to check it out:

Desert and the green from a river flowing through.


Next the mysterious KXpress...



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