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Part one (A) of the KXpress tour. For more, much more on it have a look on:


Dada's Arddhvendus Spider The heater was leaking and beyond repair, anyhow no need
 for a heater in Mexico so we just took it out...


One of the many fiéstas... Nice program by the children of Did Ananda Sujiita's school in MTY


We did not have enough drivers for the
bus, fortunately we got volunteers
Keshava in action.


Shantii checking eyesight and distributing free glasses in a poor area of town. Mariaci


Visit to a mentally handicapped children home,
they enjoyed so much!
An other of my little friends.


Picnic in Guadelajara Public meditation and chanting in the park


Police also interested in our leaflets Local cultural dance


mediation on the beach in Puerta Vallarta till the sun went down...


Concert at a primary school in Puerta Vallarta Vegetarian Lunch and cooking class in Morelia


Adhoc office and communication centre... More public events


To be Continued


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