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KXpress continued June 2006...

Break-dance by Anadii with ballet by Shuddadevii in Cuernavaca


Yuktatman from Guatemala joined the tour for few days. An other of my friends,


Visit to the caves... lunch in the parking lot... On the way from Cuernavaca to Mexico City


Food distribution to the street kids in Mexico DF Break dance class for in our shelter for homeless kids


A concert and really heavy rain... Still the concert went ahead, with a local Gamalan group


Sharing session with the street children that come to
Dada Kalatiitananda's shelter in Mexico City
Back to the desert we checked out two News letters earlier


Ancient inscriptions, in the desert. I think it was a calendar Viniitá in a wild cactus patch.


What to say... even in sleep the little tree is held with so much care Back in Monterrey, washing...


Didi and Asiimá hiding in the back after a lot of cooking... The vegetarian dinner in the front of our house in Monterrey


Neither needs clarification....

The tour ended back in the USA, Missouri at the start of the Summer retreat. I helped with the youth program, rafting, waterslides and we prepared a multi media event that was presented at one of the cultural evenings during the retreat.

I thought I had photo's... Not sure what happened but next Newsletter skips a month and picks up in August in Ghana...


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