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Two missing photo's from July before Ghana, after a while in Mexico without photo's we jump to October with a visit to Calearth in California where some of the buildings I helped with during my training there are getting very close to completion.

Rainbow over the Master Unit in San Antonio, Texas.
I visited on my way down to Monterrey in July.
A visit with my parents in the Netherlands on the way to Ghana


It's called Earth One, five years under construction by many different trainees at Calearth. Almost complete and wonderful


A walk with Anna in the hills near San Siego, California Morellia Master Unit in Mexico

An other jump, back to Morellia, Mexico where a completely overgrown half finished dome is waithing for a few more layers... The weeds definitely grow a lot faster than our dome.

Lizarts hiding between the layers of the wall What to say... maybe I am better behind the camera...


Actually more than a few layers done. More friends. A beautiful and huge caterpillar


Late October an outing near Cuernavaca


A three day Yoga exposition in Guadelajara early November, Shuddhadevi, Cetana, two dada's, didi, keshava and the local margiis


Also at the expo Back again to Morellia, a work camp to get a little further with the dome


  Vikranta sharing his vision for the land


  Chanting before meditating.

Yes, it's done... not the dome... that's to be continued in 2007... but the News Letters for 2006 are finally completed :-) After this program I drove 6000Km to New York to get a flight to India for the India & Nepal Spiritual Adventure tour. And that News Letter you already received few weeks ago. Now it's mid May 2007... but as I didn't have a camera for a while and when I got one I didn't make so many photo's I think I can bring you up to date in one more News Letter.


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