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Namaskar Again,

Wow, I see 5 years, very very busy and intense years have gone since the last news letter. I won't promise regular ones but who knows I can get into the rythem again. Not that they were that regular before, but at least there were a few a year.

Now we started the Wellness phase. Dada Anuvratananda and few margiis went to Philipines to do a training in natural therapies as given by Baba. Now we are planning to build a center here as well and already held two weekend detox programs. In August and next year March there will be 10 day programs. In between we'll do more weekend ones as well. Right now we are renting outside places but hupefully soon we can have our own land and build a center.

Let me see if I can find some highlights from the last years. There have been 5 India Tours, few dome projects and lots of programs in Mexico. The last 3 years I have been living in Mexico City, a monster city, very polluted and over 27 million people! Still for now it's home and we are very grateful to the family that is providing us board and helping in so many other ways. I am writing 'we' as I have been working with Dada Anuvratananda (formerly Arddhvendu) for the last 4 years. We make a good team as he is good in the things that I am not so good in and the other way round. Also as the organisation is not so stable now it's good to have a solid team. Also Didi Ananda Mamata has been assisting often in Mexico, tough she is now living in Guatamala and we have now Didi Ananda Hariprana posted here. She is now based in Puebla, few hours drive from Mexico City.

Though living in Mexico City we travel a lot, doing weekly programs in Cuernavaca, Temixco, Puebla and less regular programs in many other towns around Mexcio and on a yearly base in the US. We also had a 3 week certified yoga teacher training 3 years ago, and a half training two years ago both in the beautiful resort of Casa Mar in Puerto Escondido. These were also really highlights and all participants enjoyed very much. Many got their final certification and teach yoga now. I guess there were more bigger events but with so much going on I am not remembering right now.

Well, some photo's below and hopefully this is a renewal of my news letter... twice a year? quarterly??

Yoga teacher training in Puerto Escondido  


Dome building program in California  


YTT & SLT in Puerto  


India Tours  


Trip to Chiapas  


Welness weekends  




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