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23 November 2002

As said in the last travel news letter, on my way to India with a few stops on the way... This one in New Zealand (where my ticket ended and the new one had to start) Kapiil had invited me to do a presentation at the Eco village where he lives. A good crowd came and, very embarrassing, I had forgotten the video... fortunately one architect who was going to come had also attended one of Naders trainings 10 years ago. He still had the video. So with his video and my photo presentation all went fine.

Kapiil is building a very interesting and artistic building at the village. A big garden full of flowers, native trees, fruit trees, ponds and more. Below some samples

me, Luka, Kapiil and Dada Vaniibhodananda  




Something I found in their community hall:-)

In Auckland I could finish some other work and got my new ticket. On my way to India!


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