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Namaskar & Hello to everyone!

This has been the longest break for the newsletter. Things have been awfully busy and my computer has been broken and in repair for a while too. Even while writing it's in the service centre and I am using someone elses computer.

Since the last newsletter (that was about the January part of the India Tour) I spend time in Singapore (where I finally wrote those newsletters), a short visit to Puri in India, in Thailand where we build a dome cottage for the volunteer quarters at Didi's childrenshome in Sanklaburi, in Fiesh attending the DMS and in Canada where I was asked to come and help with a community project on Hornby Island to build a dome to be used as meditation and healing centre.

To catch up I'd really need to write at least three issues but I am afraid this will not happen, better send one than keep waiting for many:-) But who knows, I have no other things today and it's raining outside...

Now I hope my memory will also cooperate!

Musicsal college in Ananda Nagar nearing completion  

Early March I had to go to India and beside going to our centre in Ananda Nagar it also included a long promised visit to a childrens village in Puri. The musical college is progressing steadily under Iishiika's supervision.


Michelle, a french woman who also did the same training at Calearth, was in Puri at a childrens village to build a dome and vaulted houses. I always like to catch up with other apprentices as there is so much to learn be exchanging experiences. Also I had no experience with these vaulted houses and they were just about to pour the roofs when I was there.

Cashew Pouring the roof

One Margii brother from UK also cought up with us and was inspired seeing the good work. The childrens village itself was well organised, and the children looked happy. The whole area was full of cashew nut trees, unfortunately it was not the right time of year...


Thailand, Nice cottage but no water yet Open kitchen

After a little more break in Singapore I was off to Thailand. The original plan was to use the dome building workshop to build a naturopatic clinic. Only the site was not yet suitable to provide accomodation for all the volunteers and trainees. In the end we decided to shift the training to Didi's childrens home in Sanklaburi. Didi was also very interrested and in need of some cottages to provide a bit better standard accomodation for the volunteers.

first layers

Brother Abhijiit designed the whole area and four dome structures would provide the living space. Again there were quite a few obstacles to overcome... when I visited 10 days before the program we realised the whole week next was a public holiday. We only had two days to locate the factory that produced this tubes we use for the building. I knew Thailand would manufacture them but where? Through internet and phone we got maybe 10 contacts but in the end all failed. Didi didn't give up and finally trough a cement company whe got the right lead. Next day Sarita' and myself went to the factory and found they had one roll exactly the size we needed. Normally it's a 10 day advance order!

floating village Part of our work crew

The training and building went well with so many people involved. Few had sepcially come to do the training and others from the Burmese refugee community were very keen to aquire these new skills. Beyond this there where dozens of children who gave us such supply of mix that often we had a hard time to keep up. The children just had great fun and in the end a house to claim as build by them. It's something really great for a small child to build a real house!

  Old wooden bridge



We just completed the shell by the time I had to leave. I think quite a bit more has been done since but the final finishing can only be completed after the rainy season.

Yoga demonstration  


Now for a while I know a big progam was organised in Fiesh, Switserland to commemorate our Guru's visit there exactly 25 years ago. The Dada who was organising had called me in Singapore to try to convince me to come but no success. It would be much too expencive, I thought...

The couple in Canada who invited me would pay the ticket from Singapore to Canada. Now what about having a stop over in Europe? Kind of on the way is it not? All worked out and in the end I could do both for the same price and it gave me a ticket without fixed dates.

From the train Chanting and meditation in the yard


Sharing experiences and stories Meditation for young and old

After a wonderful four days I had to go again and was on my way to Canada.


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